The Project

Lior Penso & Ziv Tubin founded the PeaceTube Project during the summer of 2011. It took few months to find the right formula for the PeaceTube project. Now, with the amazing help of Ron Gejman and others, we are about to launch the Beta version to the public!​ Want to be part of the project? Great! Contact us. Tell us about yours​elf and how you want to help. Welcome to the Peace Family.peace

The Team

Lior Penso | Co-founder

Lior is an economics student who really prefers to dedicate his time to everything else but university. He came to Ziv with a crazy idea about a world peace app for Facebook and the rest is history. Lior's favorite websites are Wikipedia and TED.

Ziv Tubin | Co-founder

Ziv is an industrial design student and a UX designer. His biggest desire in the world is to find the best cup of coffee ever drunk by a man. As a busy product manager, he can't sit still and prefers running or biking to walking.

Nadav Peres | Co-founder

Nadav Peres is a serial entrepreneur. Nadav’s focus is on investments in the hi-tech sector; eCommerce and social networks in particular. Nadav is a partner in Petra ventures. In his spare time, Nadav love to travel and discover new places.

Uri Goldstein | Great Developer

Uri is a programmer by day, guitar player by night and a freedom fighter by twilight. In the real life, Uri is a team leader at Bink - a new virtual bank. Uri and Ziv studied together in high-school until he dropped out for the sake of doing better staff.

Hadar Landao | Front End

Hadar is a talented artist and a gifted surfer. Hadar is also one of the founders at OneFeed - a new experience in your chrome browser. From time to time Hadar is exposing his art at the Tel Aviv art museum.

Ron Gejman | CTO

Ronis an MD-PhD student in New York City who is interested in genomics, medicine and (of course) peace. His technical background is in web development, computational (big data) biology and client-server architecture. He loves startups that aim to fix real world problems.

Elad Mallel | Rockstar

Elad is proud to be a tech lead at BillGuard. He dedicates most of his free time to doing good. He is passionate about science, technology, education and peace. When he finally decides to rest, he sings and writes music, swims, dives and watches American TV shows.



United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Honorable Mentions 2012